2015 Winners

The Local Spirit of GovHack winners were chosen over the GovHack weekend on the 5th July. The New Zealand Awards were all announced 15th August. The various local competitions were announced at local events and the International and Australian National Awards were all announced at the GovHack Red Carpet Awards on 5th September.

International Awards

The GovHack 2015 International categories had competitors across Australia and New Zealand.

International Best Disaster Mitigation Hack

Supported by Insurance Australia Group, was about ways to support disaster mitigation, emergency response or community support around responding to disasters.

International Digital Humanities Hack

Supported by Ancestry and IP Australia, was about using humanities data to create, engage in and celebrate cultural and intellectual data.

International Bounty for Best WWI Hacks

Supported by the National and State Libraries Australasia, the State Libraries of NSW, and National Archives Australia, was about using WWI data to help share the stories of our ANZAC soldiers.

Australian National Categories

Australian Major Category Awards

The GovHack 2015 Australian National Major Categories were open to all Australian participants.

Best Digital Transformation Hack

Supported by the Digital Transformation Office and the Department of Communications, was about how to do digital transformation in government.

Best Open Government Data Hack

Supported by the Department of Finance and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare was about showing how open data could be done.

Best Science Hack

Supported by Geoscience Australia and CSIRO was about using awesome government data for great scientific outcomes and helping people engage in, understand and use scientific information in their everyday lives.

Best Policy Insights Hack

Supported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission was about using data to inform and analyse policies.

Best Data Journalism Hack

Supported by the ABC and the Australian Taxation Office was about using government data for data journalism.

Best Entrepreneurial Hack

Supported by Telstra and the Department of Industry was about the project that has most potential as a startup or business.

Australian National Team Awards

The GovHack 2015 Australian National Team Awards were open to all Australian participants.

Best Youth Team

Supported by Frame/HP & Computer Power

Best Higher Education Team

Supported by Google and Splunk

Best Public Servant Team

Supported by Microsoft and Acquia

Best Professional Team

Support by the AIIA and ACS ICT peak bodies.

  • The winning hack is: Our Local Stories by team Our Local Stories in Melbourne ($1000)
    • Feedback: From well documented code, to Clean UI excellent video presentation “Our Local Stories” stands apart as a highly professional hack.
  • The runners up are:
    • Care Factors by team Social Hackers in Sydney  ($500) 
      • Feedback: The Care Factors team has created a complete package that presents a practical way to solve a real problem. The UI and Video are professional and compelling; and the prototype is discoverable and the works well.
    • World War I – The Day They Had Fallen by team Storytellers of Canberra in Canberra  ($500)
      • Feedback: Several hacks to visualise the events and impact of World War I were created for GovHack 2015, but this was by far the most compelling by mixing the Events, Location statistics in a complete and visually engaging way. It is a compelling way to discover the Events of the Great War and brings home the comparative losses of the Western Front vs the Galipolli Campaigns. This is ready to use a stand-alone resource and has some great educational opportunities.

Bounty Hunting

The GovHack 2015 competition included a new idea of bounty hunting! It turns out we had a lot of Boba Fett impressionists with fierce bounty hunter competition! The Australian National Bounty prizes were open to all Australian participants:

Most useful Product or Service for the Public Bounty

Supported by the Digital Transformation Office

ABC regional bounty

Supported by the ABC

Statistics data bounty

Supported by the ABS

  • The victorious bounty hunter is: AboutOz by team Caffeinate me in Perth ($2000)

Charity data bounty

Supported by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

  • The victorious bounty hunter is: Charitable Mapping by team Sleepless in Sydney in Sydney ($2000)
    • Feedback: The team’s submission represented the best use of ACNC data to highlight the impact of charities. By using a clever combination of ACNC and ABS data, their user-friendly application matches people with local charities in areas with high Indigenous, homeless and over 65s populations – three groups the team has identified as more likely to be socially disadvantaged. Their submission also demonstrated an understanding of broader aims to improve the effectiveness of charity services.

Taxation data bounty

Supported by the Australian Taxation Office

  • The victorious bounty hunter is: The Glass Ceiling Index by team Blackwattle in Sydney ($2000)
    • Feedback: The winner presents the data through a visually appealing and interesting interactive tool which allows a user to explore the data further.

Scientific data bounty

Supported by CSIRO

  • The victorious bounty hunter is: Twitter Field Guide by team FieldGuidesInc in Canberra ($2000)
    • Feedback: A novel (but very simple) way of engaging the user with the ALA data. The user doesn’t need to install any sort of app, they simply post a tweet and a custom webpage is delivered to them.
  • There were also some highly commended hunters that came close:

National Map bounty

Supported by the Department of Communications

  • The victorious bounty hunter is: Use Your Words by team 66% Teague in Canberra ($2000)

Structure of government bounty

Supported by the Department of Finance

Air conditioner and energy bounty

Supported by the Department of Industry

Geoscience Australia data bounty

Supported by Geoscience Australia

Intellectual Property data bounty

Supported by IP Australia

Health and welfare bounty

Supported by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Open Source bounty

Supported by Linux Australia

  • The victorious bounty hunter is: SynergyCity by team SynergyCity in Perth ($2000)
    • Feedback: Being open source itself (MIT License), with the intention of being extensible with other open data sets. Built on open source (AngularJS, CC Licensed music, CC licensed graphics). Contributes to open source. Icons created and edited by the project have been returned to thenounproject.com under CC licenses.

Indigenous issues bounty

Supported by the Western Australian Government Department for Aboriginal Affairs

  • The victorious bounty hunter is: #oncountry by team #oncountry in Perth ($2000)
    • Feedback: Relevant to recognising and celebrating Aboriginal culture and information relevant to Aboriginal people. Represents a good mash up of data from a wide variety of sources, and translating into an easy to use product. The quality and design is attractive and easy opportunity for viewers to add stories and information.
  • There were also some highly commended hunters that came close:
    • Indigenous War Heroes by team Hack to the Future in Perth
      • Feedback: Celebrates Aboriginal contribution and tells stories unknown and not covered in modern Australian history. Maintains historic records in an easy to access digital form. The gallery style presentation and interactive features to explore the stories of the features stories is simple to follow, and attractive, and sensitive to spirit of remembrance. Good use of data from a variety of sources.
    • Cooee by team Cooee in Melbourne
      • Feedback: Directly relates to Aboriginal issues, culture and history.
    • uSharity by team uSharity in Sydney
      • Feedback: An interesting idea and well executed. The simple and interesting way users may find and interact with charities is appreciated.

The Boba Fett prize

For the best bounty hunter team who got the most recognition as a winner or highly commended in the most bounty categories

Supported by Amazon and Link Digital was about giving GovHack participants the chance to select the most awesome hack across the competition from their peers. This category was open to Australian and New Zealand participants, all the teams in the competition.

Best Government Participation Award

Supported by the GovHack National volunteer team is for the Government organisation that put the most amount of effort in to GovHack this year.

  • This award goes to: The Western Australia State Government (Trophy)
    • Feedback: WA Government for the significant time and effort they put into the local Perth event, the huge number of enthusiastic data mentors, and in addition to a strong focus on Indigenous Issues. Plus utilising GovHack as a platform to announce their Open Data Policy.
  • The runners up are:
    • Victorian Government
      • Feedback: Victorian Government for the strong contribution to the local state based events.
    • CSIRO
      • Feedback: A very significant effort and contribution for putting their data catalogue together in a meaningful and useful way, plus a lot of mentoring and problem shooting during the event.
    • Australian Bureau of Statistics
      • Feedback: A very significant effort and contribution in putting together their data catalogue and providing a dedicated platform specifically for GovHack. Provided mentoring in all sites across the country during the event

Australian National Spirit of GovHack

Supported by NICTA and the eGovernment Cluster, is about recognising the team that  displayed the greatest spirit of GovHack, aka the best “hacker” ethos. This means the team who best shared, learned and applied their skills to creatively, cleverly and collaboratively solve problems, with the national winner selected from the shortlist of Local Spirit of GovHack winners (below).

Local Spirit of GovHack Winners

Australian Capital Territory


The Canberra teams were mostly focused on their own projects, so the people who demonstrated the most outstanding Spirit of GovHack in Canberra were some of the data mentors who really put in the hard yards. They were on location almost the entire time, supporting teams, chasing data and providing support and assistance to the local organisers:

  • The local ABS data mentors, particularly Chris Beer
  • The local Geoscience Australia data mentors, particularly Kristen and Jag

New South Wales


  • James Edwards – for generosity, enthusiasm and proactive approach in hacking and supporting other hackers. James didn’t have a team but persevered on his own, learning new tech skills and even willing to help others with their videos. James has been a delight to be around, always pleasant and supportive of others.


  • TBA


  • TBA


Parramatta has 2 teams/projects for Spirit of GovHack:

  • Team Alabama – this team responded to local council historical society interest in #GovHackParra by taking WWI data that they provided to incorporate into a storytelling application of international interest.  They also welcomed a new member to join the team who only arrived in Australia a few weeks ago and had great ideas and skills to contribute.
  • Community Builders – this team, particular Joe and Andrew, got into the Spirit of GovHack by tag teaming effectively, with one member staying up all night on Friday night until midday Saturday to break the back of the base platform implementation, and then staying up overnight @CollaboratoryAU to charge towards the finish line.  They also welcomed a new member to the team on Saturday night who is new to the relevant languages and helped him get up and running with his own installation of the platform in short time.

So we’ll split the prize between both amazing teams!

Sydney, State Library of NSW

We have 3 local winners – for commitment to understanding the stories the WWI data can unleash, opening sharing ideas, tools, – and returning each day!

  • Welsh Anzacs – International collaboration. Humour, commitment
  • The Penguins – Connected Collections WWI – Inclusive, good humoured, sharing, pushed through – building a tool for better hacking!
  • Perkutty – Research question, sharing lots of knowledge and experience while creating hack…


  • David Reidy – Despite being sick and the only attendee decided stayed on and pushed through any problem he would have been an asset at a large event. An honor and pleasure to have been able to work so close with him.



The Brisbane Spirit of GovHack Prize will be split between:

  • Andrea Betarani Vincita – Andrea hacked the hackspace by converting the cupboard into a comfy sleeping place.
  • Nick Wong – for driving down from Cairns – just for GovHack!!

Gold Coast

  • WYSIWYG – The team showed the most Spirit of GovHack! Helping other teams out by lending equipment and helping out. They were also here the entire weekend and were very courteous. Their project is very innovative in using handwriting recognition to determine personality


In Toowoomba we have split the prize 50/50

  • It will be by popular vote for Participant Roxane Blackley for being helpful to other teams, communicating clearly during all stages of the event. Not breaking anything when the Atlas living Australia site she’s be drawing from crashed and died for ever and for working late and coming in early.
  • Also awarding by popular vote crew Volunteer Joy Taylor for her great eventing skills, helpful “team how are you going” check ins, great catering skills, helping set up, running the bar, checking in participants, doing the shopping, cooking and preparing breakfasts and lunches, ordering the dinners to everyone’s taste, providing lollies and fruit, smiling always and being super supportive to the event Host.

Sunshine Coast

  • The team Dogs Unleashed – Jason (Jay) was our most dedicated and passionate hacker. He showed up early, stayed late, shared his deep technical knowledge and actively supported/assisted other hackers in their projects. All present appreciated his enthusiasm and humour.

South Australia

Unleashed Adelaide

  • The team Zac Plus really showed true GovHack spirit. The team came together at the venue and even let a late comer join their team. Zac Plus had the Youngest GovHacker who was only a few months old but happily spent the weekend with mum at the comp. All team members were friendly helpful to others, participated in fun photos or interviews and made time to be nice to crew and newbies… Of course there were lots of cute baby coder photos!

Mount Gambier

  • ShipRekt – for coming later  from  Mount Gambier nodes


  • TBA


  • TBA



The Hobart Hackerspace (they have 2 teams – Building Chocks of Tasmania and Dropping the Ball but it is being awarded to them collectively) for: for enthralling everyone with their (utterly) outlandish projects, taking the time to talk any interested party through exactly what they’re doing and helping fix someones broken gear with nothing but good circuit board tracing abilities and a soldering iron.


The Launceston Spirit of GovHack prize will be split two individuals as voted by the local volunteers:

  • John Kendall – for being dedicated to helping other teams. He has put in more hours than anyone else in the Launceston crew and has been willing to help projects around him whilst also working on his own.
  • Keith Filgate – for continuing to have a positive attitude and resilient nature in the face of major difficulties and set backs in his project.



  • Level 6.3 from Monash in the Borg Room – for hacking the WiFi, teaching us to juggle and having a team of like 10 people working on more different projects than we can count.


In Ballarat we are splitting ours across two worthy participants.

  • The first is to Brett James for giving up his competition time to do a comprehensive photojournal for all of us of our event in Ballarat. He did it last year too. He also took individual team shots to be used by the teams in their entry.
  • The second goes to the RStar team, made up of Ye Tian and Wenyan Ren. They have been in the country for less than a year, have bravely and gracefully joined in and participated with us in spite of some language barriers and Wenyan is 7 months down the track with their first child! 🙂


  • Alexander Gregory – Alexander demonstrated the Spirit of GovHack by helping others with Wifi access and is also the youngest participant at GovHack Geelong at 17 – and has shown great teamwork.


  • The Two David’s – for being the most persistent & enthusiastic team, showing up early morning and staying late at Clayton node.


  • TBA

Youth Hack, Melbourne CBD

  • TBA

Western Australia


Perth prize split between two teams:

  • OpenEnergy – This team formed on the Friday night, when they met each other for the first time – never an easy start, but they’ve handled it with cheerfulness and enthusiasm throughout the weekend (including some very late nights).  They’re a diverse group who share not only a commitment to delivering a GovHack project, but a vision for how Western Australians can participate in the design and delivery of government services.
  • Index All The Things – The youngest team at GovHack Perth has also taken on one of the most ambitious projects.  And, in spite of this, they’ve also been spotted out and about offering assistance to other teams.  Their talent, hard work, and professionalism has been outstanding.  (And the Perth organisers would like to give a round of applause to their dedicated parents who have spent the weekend at the venue in support.)

New Zealand



  • What’s next – for being a team with ages that ranged college students to old grey hairs they quickly arranged themselves into functional areas, managed communications all weekend and supported each other when the times were called for. They also made sure everyone had something to do that made a difference. AND, they had loads of fun.


  • Zac Waugh




Australian Local Competition Awards

We will add the content of each of these below as soon as we have a chance after the Red Carpet Awards.

NSW Awards

Available at https://twitter.com/GovHackSydney/status/628456715353092096

Victoria Awards

Available at https://www.data.vic.gov.au/node/189

Unleashed South Australia Awards

Available at http://uladl.com/prizes-2015/

New Zealand National Categories

Winners of the National NZ GovHack Competition are at https://archive.govhack.org.nz/

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