2013 Winners

Community Prize ‘Spirit of GovHack’ winners

Awarded to teams that demonstrated what GovHack is all about.

Please note: Project entries are currently open for voting by registered users of the hackerspace. Anyone can sign up to vote on projects.

National Prizes

All participants including remote were eligible.

Open Government – $21k
  • Best Open Government Project – $3000
    • Split prize — Unlockd.org (by Unlockd.org in Melbourne), & The Open Index (by TheOpenGuys in Canberra)
    • Honourable mentions — PlaceMe (by Placeme in Perth)
  • Best use of data.gov.au (awarded by the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Deregulation) – $1000
  • Best contribution to open data (awarded by the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Deregulation) – $1000
  • Best analysis (awarded by Palantir) – $1000
  • Innovative pooling of ABS machine readable datasets with at least one other non-ABS dataset (awarded by ABS) – $1000
  • Best use of NSW data (awarded by Apps4NSW) – $1000
  • Greatest Potential for Research Impact (awarded by Intersect) – previously $1000, now $2000 (equal split prizes)
  • Make Sydney Vivid (awarded by Intersect) – $1000
    • NOT AWARDED – money went instead to “Greatest Potential for Research Impact”
  • Most useful app for Canberrans (awarded by ACT Gov) – $1,000
  • Best Use of dataACT (awarded by ACT Gov) – $1,000
  • Best Canberra Centenary App – Further Development Prize (awarded by ACT Gov) – $5,000
  • Best Benefit to the SA Community Award (awarded by DPC SA) $1000
  • Best Use of Spatial Data (awarded by OSP) – $1000
    • Winner — TransMap (by FUS RO DATA! in Sydney)
  • Most innovative transport project (awarded by NICTA) – $1000
    • Winner — Pixtory (by Pixtory in Perth)
  • Best Use of Data and Social Media to Support International Students in NSW (awarded by NSW Dept of Trade & Investment) – $1000
  • Best Government Contributor (awarded by NICTA) – A special trophy to the department, agency or government that has been the best contributor to GovHack 2013
    • Winner — South Australian Government – for putting an inordinate amount of time, energy and effort into Unleashed Adelaide, into getting new datasets opened up and in forging relationships between community, government and industry in South Australia and nationally.
    • Honourable mention — The Gold Coast City Council – for starting from scratch with open data and putting an immense effort in to identifying and liberating new council data for GovHack and beyond.
Digital Humanities – $10k
  • Best of Digital Humanities Prize – $3000
    • Winner — BrisBert (by Old Folks United (OFU) in Brisbane)
    • Honourable mentions — Treasure Trove (by CGS Night Robots in Canberra), & AdVintage (by AdVintage in Perth)
  • Creation of a discovery interface for the Passenger Arrivals Index (awarded by NAA) $1,000
  • Trove Prize (awarded by NLSA) $1000 – using the Trove API
    • Winner — Pixtory (by Pixtory in Perth)
  • Trove Developer Prize (awarded by NSLA) – $3000 for a team to continue development of their hack throughout June to make it shinier and more awesome
    • Winner — AdVintage (by AdVintage in Perth)
  • Best High Bandwidth Application for Digital Humanities (awarded by DBCDE) – $1000
  • Best Tool to Assist Travellers in Australia (awarded by Australian TourismData Warehouse) – $1000
    • Winner — Oz Explore (by Vespene Bandits in Canberra)
    • Honourable mentions — TravelHackz (by TravelHackz in Brisbane) (most innovative idea), Pixtory (by Pixtory in Perth) (nice looking app)
Science – $6k
Data Journalism – $10k
Community Prize
The public were asked to register and vote for teams. There was a five flame voting system. Each individual flame, regardless of criteria, was worth a point.
  • The People’s Choice Award (highest voted by the public, awarded by Linux Australia) – $2,000

Local Prizes

Prizes that teams registered in a specific location could locally compete for.

  • QUT IFE Cash prizes – $2600
    • Winner — BrisBert (by Old Folks United (OFU) in Brisbane) $2000
    • Runner Up — Historify (by Bread Pudding in Brisbane) $600
  • Think Big Culture Prize – $1000 (awarded by the organisers and Qld Museum)
  • Remembering the Past – Queensland Museum 50 tickets to Yiwarra Kuju – $500
  • River City Labs one month tenancy – $385
    • Winner – simPROVAL (by simPROVAL in Gold Coast)
    • Honourable mention – TravelHackz (by TravelHackz in Brisbane)
  • Best project from ACT students (non-tertiary) – ACT resident $1,000 (ACT Gov)
  • ACT Digital Entrepreneur – ACT resident (ACT Gov) $5,000

Gold Coast

  • 5 x $1000 local cash prizes for projects that best benefit the local Gold Coast Community (the top five projects)
    • Winner – simPROVAL (by simPROVAL in Gold Coast) – $1k
    • Winner — Miggy (by Inclusive // Illusive in Gold Coast) – $1k
    • Winner — Local Lookout (by Sourcerers in Gold Coast) – $1k
    • Winner — Safe Place (by Lock n Load in Gold Coast) – $1k
    • Winner — TourAU (by 48 Hours… in Gold Coast) – $1k
  • 2x Silicon Lakes “Scholarships” valued at $6,500+ each – 6 months Standard Membership in the Silicon Lakes Incubator Program with ongoing face-to-face mentoring and a permanent full-time desk in our co-working space.
    • Winner — simPROVAL (by simPROVAL in Gold Coast)
    • Winner — Miggy (by Inclusive // Illusive in Gold Coast)
    • Bonus prize to Ken from HDC (longevitity) who can join one of the teams in the scholarship prize
  • Free Idea Commercialisation Consultation for someone with an idea for a startup
    • Winner — FULLSTOP (by GovHat in Gold Coast)
  • Honorable mentions (no prize) to Taj Mahswag for a great team, and Code Surfers for their product which has great commercial potential


  • The Victorian Beautiful Data Prize – $1000
    • Winner — Future Melbourne (by happtic in Melbourne)
      This is an elegant and unexpected presentation of data in musical form. It captures the challenge of the ‘Beautiful Data’ prize, which was to put data to use to create a thing of beauty.
    • Honourable mention — Asylum seekers in proportion and getting a sense of scale (by Team Ninja in Melbourne)
      This is a visually appealing presentation of migration data that manages to communicate a serious point about migration to Australia and the flaws in the asylum seeker debate
  • Best use of a large biological dataset (awarded by Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative) – $1000
    • Winner — Baleen Whales in Australian Waters (by Cetacea in Melbourne)
      VLSCI would like to award the ‘Best use of a large biological dataset’ prize to Team Cetacea’s entry, ‘Baleen whales in Australian Waters’. The project was a visually appealing presentation of the dataset that combined spatial data with aural and educational content in cohesive and fun package.
  • Best use of public transport data – $500 (awarded by Public Transport Authority WA)
    • Winner — PlaceMe (by Placeme in Perth). A ‘matchmaking’ search tool for most suitable suburb to live, using Landgate and transport data.
  • Digital Humanities: Best outcome using historical records – $1,000
    • Winner [split] — AdVintage (by AdVintage in Perth) – reflect the changing attitudes and values of society through interactive viewing app of vintage ads (use of Trove database)
    • Winner [split] — Australia In Review (AIR) (by Atomic 51 in Perth) – Infographic display of Perth at any time in the last 100 years – demographics, news headlines, political parties etc including capability to compare time periods.
  • Best mapping application – $1,000 (awarded by Landgate) – The winning project will be an application that incorporates a mapping component in the most outstanding, innovative, or surprising fashion.
    • Winner [split] — BoomBust.info (by Boom-Bust in Perth) – Visual presentation using mapping and economic data to represent macroeconomic business cycles (use of house pricing, stock data).
    • Winner [split] — Armchair Antarctica (by Team Atlas in Perth) – expedition to Antarctica (recreating an aerial representation of Antarctica (of which there is none at present) plotted with live tweets and images from the base stations and seal pathways etc)
  • Best use of the Landgate SLIP2 platform – $1,000 (awarded by Landgate) – The winning project will be the best application that uses data from Landgate’s new SLIP2 platform utilising Google Maps Engine services.
    • Winner — Home Zone (by Gironkey in Perth) – to allay the inner city housing shortage, capability to identify zoning opportunities for homes, overlaying data from Landgate’s SLIP platform onto individual properties.
  • Most Entrepreneurial Outcome – 3 months unlimited co-working at Spacecubed for the winning team so they can keep building awesome stuff! Most scalable outcome that has the potential to tap into the Biggest Market Opportunity (awarded by Spacecubed)
    • Winner — PlaceMe (by Placeme in Perth). A ‘matchmaking’ search tool for most suitable suburb to live, using Landgate and transport data.
  • Special mentions
    • Evolution of Perth (by Team Flying Lemur in Perth) – Visualisation of population growth since 1911 using mapping and census statistics.
    • Friends with Benefits (by =) in Perth) – linking Facebook friends lists with national outstanding owed monies (ATO, ASIC etc) databases – a fun tool to reinforce social relationships with a favour of notifying friends that they are owed money.
    • Statistical Me (by Data Chompy Chomp in Perth) – using census and ABS data to identify one’s ‘uniqueness’ in the population.
  • NSW Developer Entrepreneur Prize – for a team to further develop their project – $3000 (awarded by Apps4NSW)
  • Most enthusiastic use of Dictionary of Sydney data (awarded by the Dictionary of Sydney Trust) – $1000, NSW only
  • Intersect Internship – an Internship at Intersect may be awarded for most promising developer taking part in GovHack Sydney, if there is a worthy participant.  Must be over 18, Australian citizen or resident and live in Sydney (awarded by Intersect)
    • Not yet awarded – in progress.
  • Best Tasmanian Spatial Prize – $1000
  • Most Aesthetically Awesome Hack – $500 (awarded by C-Domain)
    • Winner — ImpressMe (by Team Lazorsharks in Hobart)
  • PyCon tickets
  • Best Live Data Hack – $500 (awarded by TasmaNet)
  • Glenorchy City Council – 6 x double passes to go to attend any event of their choosing at the Derwent Entertainment Centre

Unleashed – Strategic Priorities Prize Category

Realising the Benefits of the Mining Boom for All Prize

  • Realising the benefits of the mining boom for all (DMITRE) $2,000

Every Chance for Every Child Prize

An Affordable Place to Live Prize

  • An affordable place to live (DCSI) $2,000

Safe Communities, Healthy Neighbourhoods Prizes

  • Safe Communities, Healthy Neighbourhoods (DPTI) $2000
    • Winner — LocalActive (by Zockmelon in Adelaide)
    • Honourable mention — School Radar (by Moonshine Laboratory 3 in Adelaide)
  • Safe Communities, Healthy Neighbourhoods (AGD) $2000
    • Winner — SocialActive (by Bazinga in Adelaide)
    • Honourable mention — Emergency (by Emergance in Adelaide)

Creating a Vibrant City Prizes

  • Creating a Vibrant City (ACC) $2000
    • Winner — Activate Adelaide (by Moonshine Laboratory 1 in Adelaide)
    • Honourable mention — reasonably (by MalformedInputException in Adelaide)
  • Creating a Vibrant City (Planning) $2000
    • Winner — TakeMyTour (by Centenary+ in Adelaide)
    • Honourable mention — MyCommunity (by Tesseract in Adelaide)

Unleashed – Best Use of Data Category

  • Best use of Local Government Data (LGA) $2000
  • Best use of “Connecting Up Australia” Data (DPC) $2000
    • Winner — myCOMMUNITY (by Katalyst & Co in Adelaide)
  • Best use of Public Transport Data (DPTI) $2000
    • Winner — JumpBus (by The Commuters in Adelaide)
    • Honourable mention — Seniors Club (by CMU Tartans in Adelaide)
  • Best use of Adelaide City Council data (ACC) $2000
  • Best use of DFEEST or other skills and training delivery datasets (DFEEST) $2000
  • Best use of data that promote science or productivity outcomes through use of technology (DFEEST) $2000
  • Best use of Education Data (DECD) $2000
    • Winner — Close the Loop (by Unlimited Innovation in Adelaide)
    • Honourable mention — School Radar (by Moonshine Laboratory 3 in Adelaide)
  • Best use of Historic Data that Connects SA’s Past with the Future (OCIO) $2000
  • Best use of Data that Connects the Community with Nature (OCIO) $2000
  • Best use of Consumer & Business Affairs Data (AGD) $2000

Unleashed – General Category

Unleashed – Mentor Awards


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